About Us

Color Tech's founder, William Wander, has been involved in the refinishing business for over 35 years. Formerly of Wander Bros., Inc., Mr. Wander excelled at an early age, learning all the metal finishing trade skills, as well as plastic laminate design and fabrication. He managed the family business with one hand and supervised the on site electrostatic refinishing projects with the other. In between he measured, designed and fabricated plastic laminate desk tops and counters to compliment the painitng services that Wander Bros. offered. The drill was this: Go into a customer’s office during the week, remove the old desk tops, install the newly manufactured tops, and return Friday night and Saturday to refinish all the metal furniture for that floor or department.

Mr. Wander spent 15 years in the New York metropolitan area refinishing furniture for hundreds of companies, from Morgan Guaranty to the New York Basketball Association, from Wall Street to New Jersey. He worked closely with company presidents, purchasing departments, designers, architects, and office furniture dealers, to coordinate a schedule of refinishing for their companies and clients. Wander Bros. was the original "On-Site" office furniture refinishing company, coining the phrase, "Office Furniture Refinishing: On Your Premises With No Interruption To Your Daily Routine." This service started in 1948 and continued for 40 years, until 1988. William Wander was an important link between one generation of Wander Brothers to the next, taking the best of what went before him and making it his own.

In 1986, Mr. Wander relocated to Tampa Bay, Florida, and started Color Tech Electrostatic Spray Painting out of Tarpon Springs. William’s goal was to offer his professional services to a rapidly growing Tampa and Florida business community. One of his first jobs was at the Tampa Tribune, refinishing their metal furniture and designing a system of office partitions. Mr. Wander’s style was front page news and Color Tech was in demand from then on.

"A New Finish For Your Business Image"

Electrostatic Spray Painting By Color Tech is an innovative, eco-friendly process designed for smooth application and finish. In the hands of William Wander it is a strong suit for businesses trying to enhance their image and visibility in the community. From the offices of General Mills Restaurants in Orlando, to the Holiday Inn Select in Clearwater, to the new "W" Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, Color Tech has been a dedicated player the owners could count on. No matter the setting, no matter the clientele, Color Techs’ professional employees blend in and create a long-lasting and beautiful paint finish. In all cases this has lead to more pleasing and productive working environment for employees, clients and customers alike.

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